Healthcare Data As A Service.
Brilliant, rapid innovation.

A platform that allows you to instantly collect information from disparate sources and distribute it among multiple access points. No more waiting; no more guessing. Smoothly handle your needs of today and tomorrow powering your technology with bi-directional integration and the ability to innovate on top of a consistent set of APIs that are both forward and backward compatible.

Platform Sources

Source Agnostic

Most hospitals have at least 10 EHRs* in place and only two percent are down to just a pair of platforms.  The average health system, in fact, has 18 different EHR vendors when looking all the way across affiliated providers.  

Patient safety, quality improvement, and innovation requires access to all that data in an efficient, and scalable manner.  

Even though healthcare analytics solutions can live with nightly updates of data, the predictive algorithms, notifications, and patient care interventions require near real-time access to the data across the disparate systems.

* Source: HIMSS Analytics

Powerful Ingestion System

Hart directly connects to healthcare system’s databases to extract the data once from the source and then provide use downstream by multiple other systems and users.   

A copy of the database is stored in a secure, private cloud environment and increment changes in the source database are replicated real-time into the Hart platform.  

If there are vendor system limitations that limit direct access to the database then data can be extracted in traditional interoperability mechanisms like HL7, CDA, FHIR, X12 or via custom ingestion.’

Platform Transform

Effortless Transformations

Hart converts data from source system format into a Hart normalized model inspired by healthcare standards.

The data is validated, cleansed and aggregated and then is ready to be exposed for all the various use cases in healthcare.

Hart contains an embedded patient linking algorithm that goes beyond demographic data and leverages clinical data to match persons across disparate health system sources. 

Make Your Data Do The Work

Hart can define workflow logic that sequences and orchestrates the processes through which information is exchanged across disparate systems from initiation to completion.  

Business rules can be written to validate or derive additional data creating a singe source, which governs the data access across your organization.

Platform Business Logic
Platform HartID

Securely Manage Your Data

Hart provides an identity management solution named HartID to create and manage accounts for developer tools accessing the platform, system access to the data, and end user solutions like Compass, which allows view access to any EHR system that has been archived.  

Hart speeds up the rate at which information is spread across the organization, reducing time and money spent on unnecessary actions, and eliminates the possibility for errors by ensuring everyone is pulling from a single governed source.

Ready To Use Outputs

Hart exposes the data via mapping to various industry formats (HL7, CDA, FHIR), custom formats and APIs driven by your organization use cases or your partners.  This reduces every solution from pulling their own subset of data from each source system as a new integration project.   

If your organization has a cloud vendor or data warehouse solution, our platform can securely connect and write the data directly in the desired format so your team can focus on the business solutions.  Hart can provide a historical copy of data and real-time streaming thereafter.

Platform Output

Security & Data Integrity

Most systems today are plagued with the inability to track where a consumer’s data goes, or who has it – creating both security and data liquidity issues. But our robust system allows us to credibly, and reliably, manage authenticity of both users and data.

To ensure maximum security, all Hart data is always encrypted at motion and at rest, and secured at our own data servers and with our own hardware. Through this HIPAA-compliant sharing and maintaining of patient medical information, we can improve accuracy and efficiency, all while maintain existing workflows.

Powerful & Expansive Data Engine

Solve the expanding needs of your health system today, and the expanding needs of the future with a platform that is:

    Vendor & Data Agnostic

    Innovative & Open

    Compliant & Secure

    Scalable & Expandable

    Efficient & Supportive

    Continuous & Real-Time