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Strategic Alliance & Partner Program

Innovative Healthcare Solutions Designed to Transform
the Lives of Patients and Partners

Transformation Through Partners

Our team has spent years automating and simplifying the process of transforming healthcare data into any desired end destination. We don’t want to keep this transformation magic to ourselves - this is why we offer various partnership programs that can help you leverage the power of our expertise.

Partnership Programs

Hart's strategic partnership program is designed to revolutionize healthcare through data accessibility. Our programs are designed to help you grow your business and ensure that we're serving customers with a "better together" approach.  

Our ideal partners include healthcare technology vendors, consulting firms specializing in healthcare transformation, and providers looking to leverage data for better insights and operational improvements.

EHR Vendors


Leveraging over ten years of collaboration with a top-tier EHR vendor, Hart showcases an impressive track record of experience across more than 200 electronic health record systems. Our current partnerships span the premier EHR providers catering to the healthcare needs of hospitals, physicians, and the ambulatory sector.

Healthcare Service Businesses

We collaborate with a diverse range of healthcare consulting organizations, service entities, and cutting-edge technology companies. These partnerships enrich our offerings with analytics, professional expertise, insightful business intelligence, and enhancements to both your electronic health record systems and overall data management strategies.

Proven EHR Integration

Partners for Success

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