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About Us

Hart has a vision to unite the healthcare community to improve data accessibility for patients, providers, and partners for a singular health ecosystem.

Our Story

Founded in 2012 in Orange County, CA, Hart was created to enhance the healthcare system through the use of state-of-the-art data management software. With an increasingly complex range of data types existing in numerous and disparate health systems, we designed a platform that seamlessly integrates all these data sources into a unified source of reliable, up-to-the-minute information. Whether you are a patient or a provider, Hart was created to make healthcare an easier and more efficient experience for you.

The management and analysis of disparate healthcare data is a particularly challenging task. But Hart's innovative data solutions are equipped with powerful tools and features that streamline the entire process, providing you with the data you need, when you need it – and delivering better healthcare outcomes as a result

Road and view of fog over the San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, in San Francisco, California
Kansas City Skyline

Hart's New Home

Hart’s journey towards pioneering healthcare data transformation has found its new home in the vibrant landscape of Kansas City, Missouri. Nestled in the heart of a flourishing digital health ecosystem, Kansas City offers us unparalleled access to cutting-edge resources, collaborative partnerships, and a dynamic community dedicated to advancing healthcare data accessibility. Our relocation underscores our unwavering commitment to serving some of the biggest industry leaders, while contributing to the region's economic vitality.

The Hart Team

Guided by a leadership team with over 50 years of collective healthcare experience, our team navigates the complex landscape of healthcare technology with unwavering confidence and expertise. Our team is hardworking, efficient and resourceful, with a true dedication to our clients and the organizations we serve. Our employees are the heart of Hart, driving our innovation and success. 

Hart Employees Working