Healthcare as a Service: Building a New Foundation for the Future of Healthcare

Hart’s healthcare as a service (HaaS) platform simplifies how you gain access to data across your complex organization in real time. Now previously disparate sources speak the same language, so the data you and your health system need is always available.

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Hart’s Place in Healthcare

“We need people who understand healthcare and understand technology and how to bridge the gap. [......] What the engineers at Hart are working on for CHOC could save a life.”

Dr. Michael Wiess
Vice President of the CHOC Health Alliance

Where are you in your journey to data liquidity?

Hart’s platform creates data liquidity within your organization, which ensures that physicians and patients alike have access to the information when needed. Empower innovation by removing interoperability and integration roadblocks and future-proof your technology with bidirectional integration and the ability integrate a standard set of APIs.

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Our impact in healthcare

Your data when delivered in real-time and bidirectionally can be one of the most critical tools at the disposal of your organization. With Hart's platform in place critical data can move between systems regardless of workflow or data complexity. Here are a few ways Hart is helping healthcare organizations take data to the next level:

Unique Patient Records

Hart's platform has processed over 14,000,000 unique patient records.

Monthly API Transactions

Over 5,000,000 API transactions are processed each month.

4 Seconds
Patient Record Access

Our platform can receive process and present data in under 4 seconds.

9 Regions
Geographical Regions

Our platform is connected to systems across all 9 regions of the US.


Effortlessly extract and stream your data without limitations.


Comprehensively  and seamlessly migrate your data.


Securely and thoroughly archive your system’s data.



See how Hart and CHOC’s partnership has helped improve quality of care though Hart’s Healthcare as a Service platform- based approach.

Major Compatibility

Move away from thinking about adapters, connectors and interfaces, and rest easy knowing that Hart’s Platform supports flexible integration with all the major healthcare systems and EMRS

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Who are we helping?

Hart enables transformation within hospital systems, medical groups and healthcare related organizations, having a direct impact on physicians and patients. Hart's platform creates more efficient care and better outcomes by providing data liquidity within healthcare systems.