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Healthcare Data Transformation Simplified

Hart is a health IT company specializing in moving, transforming, and connecting healthcare data with technology that scales to serve any provider, facility size and type.


Connectivity Redefined

Healthcare is on a mission toward interoperability. Hart's HealthSync transformation solutions are engineered to facilitate seamless communication among diverse EHR systems, enabling the effective sharing of critical patient information. Explore how Hart can break the barriers between healthcare EHR vendors, leading to improved patient outcomes through integrated data insights.

Over A Decade of Healthcare Interoperability

Fast, Accurate, Cost Effective

Discover a revolutionary health information management partner that seamlessly connects your vital healthcare data across any system to your chosen destination. With a pioneering tech-first strategy, we redefine healthcare data integration and management, ensuring your data is actionable and accessible anytime, anywhere. Unlock your data's full potential with our expertise and innovative technology.

Secure Healthcare Data

SOC 2 Type II Certified

To ensure maximum security, all Hart data is always encrypted at motion and at rest. We also have a layered security approach that includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and data loss prevention measures.

SOC 2 Compliance
Backup and Host

Success Stories with Results

For over a decade, Hart has been at the forefront of providing exceptional support to our clients, continuously innovating solutions tailored to their health care data management requirements.

Physician Decision Maker

“Over the years, we had acquired several different systems and wanted to consolidate the data, while at the same time, save costs by not continuing to pay license fees and support aging hardware in our data center for these legacy systems.

[]we decided to go with Hart as they had met all our business requirements and Hart more than delivered. Their engineering team was very knowledgeable and they were able to find a solution to meet all our requests. As our business needs changed, Hart was able to partner with us to for other data projects as well.”

Mountain Region Health System, 7+ Archived EHR

Senior Chief Architect

Health Informatics Administrator

“Our experience with Hart has been very positive. [] Hart serves as a third party between our organization and Oracle Cerner to extract data from multiple platforms and deliver it to Cerner HealtheIntent.

The team at Hart was proactive and quick to establish and maintain connections to our multiple systems. [] We greatly appreciate the spirit of partnership with the Hart organization.”

Community Hospital, Midwest Region

Director Health Informatics

Managing Physician

"This successful integration will significantly enhance the efficiency and accessibility of our medical records system, ultimately benefiting both our healthcare professionals and, most importantly, our patients."

Health System Mid Atlantic, 36 connected data sources

Physician Director


Terabytes Transformed


EHR System Compatible


Archival Users


Patient Records