Who We Are

We are engineers, scientists, and project managers. We are designers, marketers, administrators, and creatives. We are patients. And we are all passionate about solving problems to allow the transformation and enrichment of healthcare.

Since our founding in 2012, Hart has focused on pioneering the movement known as Healthcare as a Service. By focusing on building the underlying platform: Hart enables systems, providers, payers, developers and patients to build the future of healthcare. Our platform creates data liquidity which helps physicians, systems, and patients gain access to better understand critical health information. We believe that making this information more readily available will improve the ways in which those inside and outside of the industry access and engage with their health, and health related data.

Healthcare: some people want to disrupt it; some want to monetize it, and others want to see it transform to further enrich our lives. At Hart, we believe in the transformation and enrichment of well-being. Health is something you are born with and experience from your first moment to your last. We want to help you become aware of it and not simply the clinical information, but rather your comprehensive health in order to live your most healthy life.

We’re building a team to transform healthcare. Join us!

Contact our team to see how we can create a tailored service specific to the needs of your health system. We are always exploring new avenues.