Enabling CHOC to utilize unified patient records for more than 150,000 patients across its healthcare system.


With Hart focusing on unifying its patient data, CHOC’s population health division has been able focus on improving the care of patients with asthma, resulting in a reduction in ED visits and a savings of over $1,000,000.


Partner with CHOC to unify and connect to out- of -network EMRs to reduce risks such as unnecessary visits to the emergency department and hospital.
CHOC’s goal is to provide accurate and improved care for Orange County’s pediatric population. To expand quality of care, CHOC needed to begin the process of unifying patient data outside its hospital walls and connect to out- of- network practices and their systems.
We at Hart proudly partnered with CHOC to assist in connecting data sources outside of the main hospital to provide data liquidity across the healthcare system, linking each system’s data together via our HaaS platform. Connecting their out-of-network clinical data sources, Hart helped unify this data and present it in CHOC’s population health tool to run more accurate reports based on a wholistic view of patients’ data. Thus, physicians can provide more accurate action plans for patients, better treat their conditions and improve patient experience though outcomes such as avoiding costly, inconvenient and unnecessary trips to the ED. Through collaboration with CHOC’s population health division, our skilled employees will continue to extract millions of discrete data elements to connect and create unified data for each of the health system’s locations & partnered locations. This will continue to facilitate efforts to improve overall care and patient experience for pediatric patients.
This problem derives from the use of different EMR systems, forcing patient records to be spread among incompatible systems, and preventing valuable information from being easily transferred and accessible across the healthcare system. 


Hart is proud to partner with CHOC’s population health division, enabling  Healthcare as a Service (HaaS). 

Our engineering team celebrating

Hart’s platform connects and integrates data from disparate sources in real-time, then merges and provides access to the data, allowing for the unification of records and the seamless linking of differing EMRs and other clinical systems. Our bidirectional API platform has allowed CHOC to collect data in real-time from its many clinical locations. This data is collected, merged, then distributed into CHOC’s population health tool (Cerner’s HealtheIntent) to assist in closing care gaps. Hart’s focus on data-liquidity allowed for physicians to put their focus where it truly belongs-on service and care.  In addition, CHOC is able to reduce unnecessary ED visits, evade unnecessary medical costs, and improve quality of life for hundreds of thousands of children throughout Southern California.


Partnering with CHOC, Hart began the process of integrating and unifying patient data from CHOC’s partners and various clinical locations, linking that data to CHOC’s main EMR system: Cerner’s Millennium.

With the integration and unification of out- of -network data, in addition to the work that CHOC’s population health division performed, physicians were able to close gaps in care and expand care to even more children., As an example of the power of this type of wholistic data unification:  leveraging data from CHOC’s population health division over an eight-month period, the creation of action plans improved dramatically, compared to the previous period. The collected data from CHOC’s in network systems, and the out- of -network data provided by Hart’s team helped reduce ED visits, provide more accurate assessments, improved outcomes and helped save over one million dollars.  We will continue our collaboration with CHOC in the hopes of utilizing technology to help assist physicians, continue to improve care, and further our mission of providing Healthcare as a Service. 

  • ~30%

    Distribution of Asthma Action Plans over eight months.

  • 18%

    Reduction in ER visits, resulting in over a million dollars saved

Scope of Work

The Team

Data Team
  • Hoa Ho
  • Joel LaFall
  • Nichole Beuchler
  • Arjun Kankanala
  • Travis Brown
  • Neil Thompson
Project Management
  • Laren Giosa
  • Jesse Craig
  • Mo Alkady
  • PJ Santoro
  • Mark Becklund